An elite juridical lineage in Nanai foragers

Richard Zgusta (2015:149) sketches the migrations, transformations, and fluctuating fortunes of lineages grafted from outside food-producers onto the Nanai, historically non-agricultural sedentary fisher-hunters in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions of the Russian Far East—lassos for lines, equestrians to pedestrians. Some of these come to insinuate themselves into multiple “ethnicities” or народы.

One of the numerically largest lineages associated with immigrants from Manchuria are the Beldy. According to their oral traditions,  … ⇒

Things to prevent you from sleeping or eating

Things to prevent you from sleeping or eating

The French apostolic missionary Mermet de Cachon (1828–1870) finds his prying deflected and then rebuffed in Hokkaido (English transl. of excerpt in Refsing 2000:23; original reproduced same volume):

One day while I was visiting my good Ainu, I asked the elders about the origins of their ancestors, and about the first facts in their history, but I was unable to get anything out of my hosts; the elders trembled at my questions,  … ⇒

Genetics and aDNA at AAPA2017

Freshly back from Vancouver, which I will be recapping later.

Here’s a first-pass pull of titles from the preliminary program of the 86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in New Orleans (April 19, 2017–April 22, 2017), which I’m sorry to say I won’t be making.

Some of these were presented previously at SAA2017 or have already come out in journals/as preprints.  … ⇒