Things to prevent you from sleeping or eating

Things to prevent you from sleeping or eating

The French apostolic missionary Mermet de Cachon (1828–1870) finds his prying deflected and then rebuffed in Hokkaido (English transl. of excerpt in Refsing 2000:23; original reproduced same volume):

One day while I was visiting my good Ainu, I asked the elders about the origins of their ancestors, and about the first facts in their history, but I was unable to get anything out of my hosts; the elders trembled at my questions,  … ⇒

White bone in Golok: A field report

My good friend Hannibal Taubes writes:

Incidentally, RE your black bone / white bone post, I asked my Tibetan teacher if she’d heard any such expression. She’s a 50-something Golok woman from a village at the foot of Mt. Amnye Machen. According to her, Tibetan rus means “bone” and also means “clan” (ch. 部落). (To be honest, I’m not sure what “clan” means here; there seem to be a number of different Tibetan words in use that mean something like that,  … ⇒

Against late survival of Flores “hobbits”

Sutikna, T., Tocheri, M. W., Morwood, M. J., Saptomo, E. W., Jatmiko, Awe, R. D., Wasisto, S., Westaway, K. E., Aubert, M., Li, B., Zhao, J.-x., Storey, M., Alloway, B. V., Morley, M. W., Meijer, H. J. M., van den Bergh, G. D., Grün, R., Dosseto, A., Brumm, A., Jungers, W. L., & Roberts, R. G. (2016). Revised stratigraphy and chronology for Homo floresiensis at Liang Bua in Indonesia.  … ⇒