"Morphological clock" age estimate of 912 ka for Homo naledi

“Morphological clock” age estimate of 912 ka for Homo naledi

The evolutionary relationships and age of Homo naledi: An assessment using dated Bayesian phylogenetic methods

Mana Dembo, Davorka Radovčić, Heather M. Garvin, Myra F. Laird, Lauren Schroeder, Jill E. Scott, Juliet Brophy, Rebecca R. Ackermann, Chares M. Musiba, Darryl J. de Ruiter, Arne Ø. Mooers, Mark Collard

Journal of Human Evolution Vol. 97, August 2016: 17–26; doi:10.1016/j.jhevol.2016.04.008

Homo naledi is a recently discovered species of fossil hominin from South Africa.  … ⇒

Pre-Columbian Peruvian tuberculosis from Africa via pinnipeds?

a, Bayesian maximum clade credibility tree of 261 MTBC genomes (excluding Hungarian mummy), with estimated divergence dates shown in years before present using a model of population expansion. b, Maximum parsimony tree for lineage 6 and animal-adapted MTBC genomes with SNPs that define all branches. Bootstrap values in grey italics. Deletions specific to the animal lineages are shown as triangles.

Pre-Columbian mycobacterial genomes reveal seals as a source of New World human tuberculosis

Kirsten I.  … ⇒