As you may have noticed, preparing for my second trip to Russia has really diverted my attention from blogging. May stamp out some dispatches as time permits, but expect post intensity to remain low until I get back.

Boston St. Petersburg Aug. 3
St. Petersburg Samara Aug. 13
Samara Novosibirsk Aug. 16
Novosibirsk Vladivostok Aug. 20
Vladivostok Fairbanks Aug. 24
Fairbanks Boston Aug. 28  … ⇒

Missing the point

I. Soheil Muhsin Afnan (1958: 19), a grandson of “The Master” and first translator of Aristotle’s Poetics directly from the Greek to Farsi, on the Middle Age Arabic translators* and puzzlers of classical Greek works:

The list of their translations is enumerated in three Arabic source-books1 of great value. And their careful collation of different copies of the text, their faithfulness to the original, and their painstaking effort to find suitable equivalents have won the admiration of modern scholars.  … ⇒

"Morphological clock" age estimate of 912 ka for Homo naledi

The evolutionary relationships and age of Homo naledi: An assessment using dated Bayesian phylogenetic methods

Mana Dembo, Davorka Radovčić, Heather M. Garvin, Myra F. Laird, Lauren Schroeder, Jill E. Scott, Juliet Brophy, Rebecca R. Ackermann, Chares M. Musiba, Darryl J. de Ruiter, Arne Ø. Mooers, Mark Collard

Journal of Human Evolution Vol. 97, August 2016: 17–26; doi:10.1016/j.jhevol.2016.04.008

Homo naledi is a recently discovered species of fossil hominin from South Africa.  … ⇒